Network Addon Compatibility

Generally speaking, MetalLB doesn’t care which network addon you choose to run in your cluster, as long as it provides the standard behaviors that Kubernetes expects from network addons.

The following is a list of network addons that have been tested with MetalLB, for your reference. The list is presented in alphabetical order, we express no preference for one addon over another.

Addons that are not on this list probably work, we just haven’t tested them. Please send us a patch if you have information on network addons that aren’t listed!

Network addon Compatible
Calico Mostly (see known issues)
Canal Yes
Cilium Yes
Flannel Yes
Kube-router Mostly (see known issues)
Romana Yes (see guide for advanced integration)
Weave Net Mostly (see known issues)

IPVS mode in kube-proxy

Starting in Kubernetes 1.9, kube-proxy has beta support for a more efficient “IPVS mode”, in addition to the default “iptables mode.” MetalLB might work with IPVS mode in kube-proxy, in Kubernetes 1.13 or later. However, it is not explicitly tested yet, so it’s at your own risk. See our tracking bug for details.