Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have several address pools?

Yes, for example:


You can even name them and then specify which pool to draw from. See usage for using annotations to specify which IP pool and address as part of defining your LoadBalancer.

In layer 2 mode, how to specify the host interface for an address pool?

There’s no need: MetalLB automatically listens/advertises on all interfaces. That might sound like a problem, but because of the way ARP/NDP works, only clients on the right network will know to look for the service IP on the network.

NOTE Because of the way layer 2 mode functions, this works with tagged vlans as well. Specify the network and the ip stack figures out the rest.

Is MetalLB working on OpenStack?

Yes but by default, OpenStack has anti-spoofing protection enabled which prevents the VMs from using any IP that wasn’t configured for them in the OpenStack control plane, such as LoadBalancer IPs from MetalLB. See openstack port set –allowed-address.

Can I update one pool at a time?

Not yet. The whole configuration for MetalLB is stored in a ConfigMap called config in the metallb-system namespace. We anticipate converting to Custom Resources at some point as described in Issue 196. Contributions Welcome!